Image Masking

Image Masking

Image masking (also referred to as “clipping mask”) allows us to remove backgrounds in an extremely detailed manner. Image masking is great for removing background from images with human hair, transparent objects with many turns and curves, and from images with transparent or translucent aspects.

Image masking allows us to do things that clipping cannot. For instance, image masking will allow us to remove the background from an image that has extremely straight and curved edges with transparency holes. Using the advance techniques in Photoshop, we apply accurate image masking to the images using alpha channels. Adobe Photoshop tools such as magic wand, quick mask, extract, magnetic lasso but the pen tool allow us to create extremely detailed masking and clipping very efficiently and economically, while achieving excellent results.

Clipping Mask by Hand Using Photoshop

At Point Mask, Inc., the primary tool we like to use for masking is Photoshop’s pen tool.  In order to get great results, the masking must be done by hand, so the pen tool is our most important tool for this process.  The pen tool enables us to create precise paths, which can then be used to seamlessly replace the background of an image with a new background of your choice. With the pen tool, our experts are able to achieve and accurate masking, without changing or modifying a single pixel in the image.

Image Masking Samples

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