Upload through FTP Private Account

If you plan or anticipate having large files and/or a large volume of files to upload, we recommend that you use our private FTP option. Simply fill up the form below and request the setup of a private FTP account for your company/business. When your application is approved, we will e-mail you your FTP Host Name, User Name and Password so that you can upload files to us and download files from us. Please note we are not automatically notified when you upload files to your private FTP account. If you upload files to your private FTP account, please email us that you have uploaded the files and also include any instructions you may have for the files.

Images are usually masked within 24 hours of our receipt of the images (terms and conditions will be applied for volume images). When your images are completed, we will send you an email informing you that the masks are complete. You may then download your masked images, they will be in the “Completed_Images_for_Customer” folder.

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Upload through Dropbox

You can transfer your images via our Dropbox.  PointMask’s dropbox (here) has a 20GB capacity that enables you to upload your images without the need to register and login.

When uploading, please specify your requirements for the individual masking tasks in the message field, or attach your instructions as a separate file. When the images are completed, you will receive an email with a link informing you where you can download your images.

For our first time users, kindly also indicate in the message field.

1. Your company’s name
2. Your legal name
3. Your company’s address
4. Your telephone number

Upload to Dropbox


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