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Creating clipping path in Adobe Photoshop will give an idea on how artistic and how a person gives the image to be look more creative and artistic and an eye catchy. Images that could be dramatic and vividness on its presence. One thing that could possibly be done is when you use pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. Maybe some knows what is pen tool in Adobe Photoshop but for some who didn’t know, it simply means to cut off any part of an item or knocking off the background of the image with a clipping path around the image. You can isolate, erase a selected area you want to outlined of the image using the powerful Adobe Photoshop pen tool.

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Clipping Path Tutorials

Illustration below will show you how powerful the Adobe Photoshop pen tool.

1. Choose pen tool from tool palette.


2. Create a path until it round the whole object.


3. Load the path by click the Path Palette.


4. Copy the layer while the paths are loaded or press Ctrl J (windows) Cmd J (Mac).


Now, you can grab your object and put it anywhere you like with the transparent background .

easy 1

These things all could be done further if you have a clipping path company on its finest. A 24/7 service offered and fast turn around with quality and assurance to commit your expectation. Providers whose able to perform and deliver the output at exact turn around time with excellent high quality standard. Giving you the idea of how finest as it is. Excellence on its standard as  strive to deliver maximum outline perfection. A clipping path company that  is leading in well experienced creative graphic designers and artists. Using Adobe Photoshop pen tool to ensure the highest and best quality clipping path and image masking results can be provided.

In choosing a clipping path company make sure a high quality standard is hits your expectation. A company that has a vast experience in graphic design and could make sure that all of your needs and instructions were relevant for your satisfaction. A 24/7 customer support representatives dedicated to working with you and answering any questions you may have regarding the services or your project as the outcome. A company that can handle and process a large volume of images and can serve you and entertain you on time.When it comes to high quality standard, 24 hours turn around, most competitive prices, fast and reliable and can reduce your production cost, PointMask is your graphic clipping path company, image masking and outlining solutions.

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