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Clipping Path Using Photoshop Pen tool

Clipping Path Using Photoshop Pen tool

What is Clipping Path?

CLIPPING PATH is simply means to cut off any part of an item or cuts out an image. It is simply means erasing selected outlined points from the background.

Benefits of using Adobe Pen tool in Clipping Path:

Adobe Photoshop Pen tool enables us to cut out with great detail and accuracy to replace the background in an image with a new and wonderful background of your choice. This also allows us to replace backgrounds in photos that are damaged, old and scratched with a clearer and better background or insert a uniform background for your catalog of products. The manual pen tool will ensure the correct area is selected in your image without changing or modifying a single pixel in an image.

5 Categories of Clipping path based on Complexity

Basic clipping path has a very simple, straight and curved edges with a very minimal embedded transparency holes and just take 5 minutes or less to finish.


Easy clipping path has simple, straight and curved edges with minimal embedded transparency holes and just take 15 minutes or less to finish.


Moderate clipping path has many straight and curved edges with many embedded transparency holes and take 30 minutes or less to finish.


Advance clipping path has extreme straight and curved edges with extreme embedded transparency holes. Extreme images like human hair and group of objects takes 45 minutes or less to finish.

Hourly clipping path has many complex shapes or numerous easy or moderate shapes with numerous embedded transparency holes and it takes approximately 1 hour to finish.

Pointmask, Inc., offers best prices for their clipping path services. Our prices are divided into categories that vary depending on the complexity of the image and the quantity of images you have. If you have photos that need editing, retouching, manipulation and restoration, we request you to send as samples together with the brief instructions in order to achieve your desired and wanted photo.

If you plan or anticipate sending bulk/large volume of files to upload, we recommend you that you use our private FTP option. Simply send an email to and request setup of a private FTP account for your company/business.

When it comes to quality, speed and service at the most competitive prices, Pointmask, Inc., is your clipping path company and photo editing solution!

Thank you.

The PointMask Team

Best Clipping Path Service Provider

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path service is provided and offered to the clients who wants to see changes, manipulations and its  purpose of enhancements for their images. Well, there is a lot of clipping path company who offers clipping path service in such ways we could not determine who’s really the best clipping service provider  that could output a good quality and quick in responding for your images. First thing to do is to look for a well trusted and well tested company on your search engines by typing clipping path service. Maybe you’re wondering, in some instances your confused! and its hard for you to choose what company could extract and exactly could provide that such service in a fast turnaround . Clipping path service may be provide to all clipping path company but the question is does the quality considered as high? does the service satisfies you? is it a well trusted company? Well, these questions positively answered if you let Pointmask , handles clipping path service for your images. Why positively? This site is is about to grow and being trusted already in some countries and testimonials by some clients marked them as one of best clipping path company and a best provider in dealing clipping service to their clients who had been rendered or being provided and considered to be as a Good Quality of works.

Clipping Path Service Quality

The service quality of Pointmask in giving clipping path service and there inexpensive rates are reasons why they have repeated clients, why their clients recommend them to other and why clients trust them. They are proven and tested because of their clients testimonials. Pointmask Inc., is  equipped by well experienced graphic designers who are specialized to deal and could deliver the following services:

Clipping Path Service, Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation, Photo Retouching, Image masking, Raster-to-Vector, Shadow/Mirror Effect and lots more with good quality and consistent works. The right decision  is in your hands in dealing clipping service and yes! Through Pointmask you’ll be able to save your time  and also your money. Pointmask Inc.,  is a US clipping path company located in Michigan, USA with 24/7 customer support care.

Watch the Youtube video for you to find out what is the result after your images is being processed:

To know more about Pointmask simply visit their official website:

Clipping Path Company that uses Pen tool

Clipping Path Company

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) would really lighten a companies obligation to their employees and in-house works. Lots of outsourcing company all over the world wide web offerring their services in each category. We should scrutinize the company to help our work not only believing their marketing slogan that promises a lot, especially on their work quality. A sample work and a quote should be the first thing to do before choosing the right company.


In the clipping path services category, we are one of the top clipping path company that offers 100% percent customer satisfaction, high quality guaranteed, cost effective efficiency, 24 hours turn around and 24/7 customers service. One of the main reason why our repeated customers keep coming back to us as they are satisfied to our clipping path quality that uses powerful Adobe Photoshop pen tool. Some clipping path company uses other Photoshop tool like lasso, wand, magnetic lasso, eraser tool or even the presets of the software,  but it could not give the customer’s high guaranteed quality output. Using pen tool by hand can make the quality to its high level satisfaction. You can make the clipping path have a smooth flow to make the object a better look to your planned design. Clipping path is not easy to a beginner person but through your patience, you can achive it in the right time. If you need help to your clipping path needs, we could really help you to make your work faster and easier.

For beginners, we posted a video tutorial on how to do a clipping path using pen tool in Adobe Photoshop . Please feel free to watch.

Clipping Path Services

We are US based clipping path company from Michigan, USA. PointMask, Inc., offers various graphics works especially on clipping path service, image masking, photo editing, photo retouching, raster to vector and graphic designs.

The list below will complete our services.

Neck Joint
Background Removal
Natural or Artificial Shadow
Reflection/Mirror Effect
Photo Restoration
Photo Cutouts

Hundreds of company all over the world mostly in USA and Europe uses PointMask, Inc., for how many years until now as their clipping path company provider. Visit our website and explore our company portfolio to be amazed of our work in each category that we posted.

Bulk orders are usually given big discounts, please contact our support team ( to help you process your discounts. You could also use our bulk order button in our website.

Thank you very much.

The PointMask Team

How to Convert Raster to Vector Images Using Presets

Convert raster image to vector

There are lots of programs available for converting raster images into vector images: Illustrator in Adobe is one of the best way in converting raster to vector images using the feature presets.

Note: This tutorial uses Adobe Illustrator CS5. Functionality is essentially the same for newer versions of Illustrator, but the screens will look a little different.

The first step to convert raster image to vector is to choose an appropriate image. Large, high contrast images are ideal.

Open the file in Illustrator and choose the Selection tool. Click on the image you want to vectorize and the image’s four sides will turn light blue to let you know that it has been selected.

Next we turn to Live Trace to transform the pixels from your original images into lines and shapes.

Either choose Tracing Options from the drop-down menu next to Live Trace at the top of the screen or go to Object → Live Trace → Tracing Options.

raster to vector step 1 Continue Reading →

Backdrop Selection for Ease of Background Removal

background removal

How to choose the best backdrop to make clipping path quicker and easier.

Choosing the right subject is paramount in photography, but consideration should be given to the background, too. The scenery should never overshadow your subject – instead it should be used to enhance the picture in subtle ways. If you plan on clipping the subject out of the picture after the shoot, here are some tips for choosing the right background. Continue Reading →

Using Photoshop’s Pen Tool for Precise Clipping Path

Photoshop Pen Tool

Background removed in Photoshop with Pen Tool

All of the tools for creating paths are vector tools: the mighty Pen Tool, the Magic Wand, the Lasso, and its cousins the Polygonal Lasso and the Magnetic Lasso. Because vector tools are based on algorithms, they are infinitely scalable and will look crisp at any size. Rasterized images, on the other hand, rely on pixels and only look good in their original size or smaller. Continue Reading →

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